Monday, 25 September 2017

🌸 The World Of Wearable Arts 🌸

Today (Monday) we are having a evening that will showcase our wearble arts outfit we have been working on them for the last 9 weeks. To make the top half of the dress we paper mached plastic bags and painted them white. For the bottom half we plaited newspaper and sellotaped oragami flowers to the skirt. We also made a flower crown made from real Cherry Blossom Flowers. There are many Cherry Blossom Festavals around the world we based our dress on the Washington DC Festival it started in 1912 when Japan sent over thousands of Cherry Blossom Trees. The first time they sent the Flowers over it didn't work because the Cherry Blossom Tree's were infested with pests they tried it again in 1912 and it worked well they have held the festival ever since 

🌸Here is a few photos of our model🌸

What Went Well~  We compleated the skirt and top and they look really good also we worked well as a team the lace back worked really well

What didn't go so well~ we had so many ideas at the start so for the first few weeks we were working on something completely different 

What would you change~  I would change that we spent heaps of time on a diffenrent desighn and spend less time on our prototype

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

🌸 Wk 5 Term 3 🌸

This week for maths we are focusing on Perimeter, Area and Volume. We have to complete this by Friday,that is when we get it marked.

Monday, 7 August 2017

🌸 Maths Workbook T3 Wk3 🌸


This Week our work book is foucusing on Ratios we will work on this slide though out the week and it will be marked on Friday .

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Main Stars

this year for main str we had to create  video on a book we had read in that last term here is mine hope you enjoy

Friday, 9 June 2017

Report Writing Success Criteria Examples

This Week we have been given the task to match the words in the succsess criteria with examples from different reports. We had to pick buddys, my buddy is Kaede. Here the finished product

Friday, 5 May 2017

Term 2 Week 1

This Week our focus for our dlo is Numarcy we have learned heaps from last term here is something I learned also this week we did our maths assessments, my weakest point was Area and Volume so this will be my focus. This Week our topic has been about Vincent Van Gogh, we are learning about his paintings and about his life.